The precision products by GOGO-Metal can be found in various sectors and are being applied worldwide in great diversity.

Our products can be found in the shipbuilding industry, mechanical engineering and construction, agriculture industry, offshore industry and mould construction.

We manufacture your product to your liking and suitable for your market. We also like to share our expertise and experience with you. We do so by pro-actively offering advice or by being involved during the design stage to help achieve the best possible solution.

Application of exotic materials

Exotic materials are being applied because of specific properties. For example, the property of inconel and hastelloy is the resistance to high temperatures. The property of monel is resistance against corrosive substances and acids. It is for that reason that GOGO-Metal manufactured products are widely applied in various industries including mechanical engineering, agriculture, offshore, mould construction and shipbuilding.

Exotic’ is the term for materials other than STAINLESS STEEL, steel, aluminium, etc. These exotic materials require additional knowledge, skills and requirements of the chipper, knowledge of the type of material, operating conditions, machinery and tools.