GOGO-Metal is a manufacturer of one-piece specials to medium-sized series of high-precision engineering components.

These components are used in the shipbuilding industry, mechanical engineering and construction, agriculture industry, offshore industry and mould construction.

We work with different kinds of metals such as STAINLESS STEEL, steel, …. (names of metals) and other exotic materials (names) and plastics. We have an extensive range of advanced and varied machinery equipment, including: CNC milling, CNC lathes and CNC saws. In addition, we also have a good command of various welding techniques.


Reasons for choosing GOGO-Metal:

  • Reliable; a deal is a deal;
  • Skilled, knowledgeable, experienced;
  • Flexible, precise, fast;
  • Quality, according to your wishes;
  • Excellent service, customer oriented, solution-focused.

Short lines of communication, reliable purchasing channels, a flexible attitude, a well-equipped workshop and our craftsmanship make us your ideal partner.