Mould construction is one of the main pillars of our company. GOGO-Metal is an expert in developing, refining and producing moulds.


We produce moulds for (thermoset) plastics for a specific group of manufacturers.

Over the years, GOGO-Metal has built up a wealth of experience in developing the spray casting mould for (thermoset) plastics. Our knowledge of the production process in which the mould is deployed, also contributes to practical solutions for an optimal mould use.


To design an extrusion mould, multiple aspects have to be taken into account, for example the shape, type of material and nature of the product. In principle all metals and thermoplastics can be extruded. Examples of most common materials are: PVC, ABS, PS, PE, PU, POM, PC, SB and PMMA. Soft plastics can also be extruded, for example Z-PVC, PU, TPE, TPV and Eve.

Aluminium is the most common raw material in extrusion moulds, used for extruding metals. This ingredient determines the final type of extrusion mould.


Reasons for choosing GOGO-Metal:

  • Reliable; a deal is a deal;
  • Skilled, knowledgeable, experienced;
  • Flexible, precise, fast;
  • Quality, according to your wishes;
  • Excellent service, customer oriented, solution-focused.

Short lines of communication, reliable purchasing channels, a flexible attitude, a well-equipped workshop and our craftsmanship make us your ideal partner.